The High Cost of Distracted Driving

Employees who drive while distracted create substantial financial and other risks for their employers. Distracted driving laws are now the norm in all provinces within Canada. Of the three territories, Nunavut is the only holdout. In addition to levying fines, the majority of the provinces and territories have imposed demerit points. Even with fines and… Read more »

Small-Business Fraud

Be vigilant: undetected fraud can destroy your business. According to the 2012 Report to the Nations on Occupational Fraud and Abuse of the U.S.-based Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, privately owned businesses with fewer than 100 employees are the most common victims of fraud; the most common type of fraud is the fraudulent billing scheme…. Read more »

Scanning Your Way toward a Paperless Office

Scanning documents can significantly reduce the cost of handling and storing paper. Thanks to modern technology, we are moving, albeit slowly, toward a paperless office. Although this transformation within the workplace has been anticipated for decades, we are still bombarded with paper every day. Using paper can often be convenient; however, paper use comes at… Read more »

Cost-Cutting Ideas

A careful review of your costs should reveal many opportunities for savings. Even though Benjamin Franklin’s oft-quoted phrase “A penny saved is a penny earned” can no longer be taken literally now that the Royal Canadian Mint has removed pennies from circulation, nevertheless saving money by cutting costs is simply good business. When budgeting for… Read more »

Finalizing Your 2013 Income Taxes

Keep complete records and make use of all your eligible deductions. Yes, it’s time to start thinking about income taxes again. The Holidays are over and the credit card statements are starting to come in so you’re probably thinking about money anyway. But instead of thinking just about paying off your credit cards, it might… Read more »

A Lesson in Record Keeping

The Income Tax Act requires you to keep all documents supporting your business activity; in an audit, the CRA will demand them. Keep Everything According to the Income Tax Act, taxpayers must keep “records and books of account … together with every account and voucher necessary to verify the information contained therein for a period… Read more »

Dad…Mom…I Need Your Help

If your son or daughter approaches you for a loan to start a business, make sure they have a solid business plan. It has always been difficult for young people to start their working lives. The traditional route has been to apply along with hundreds or perhaps thousands of other equally well-educated people for advertised… Read more »

Age and the Workplace

Owner-managers need to plan for an aging workforce. No wonder owner-managers have been noticing an increase in gray hair among their employees. According to the 2011 National Household Survey by Statistics Canada, 18.7% of the workers in the 18-million-strong Canadian workforce are 55 years of age or older. This is up from 15.5% in 2006… Read more »

Go Forth and Prosper

At any given moment, there are many opportunities to increase sales. Here are a few suggestions worth thinking about. After the euphoria of starting a new business has waned and the steady rhythm of day-to-day management has set in, many small-business owners discover revenue growth has stalled. How did this happen? They try more advertising… Read more »

The Big Five-O

Retirement is coming. What should you be thinking about as you turn 50? When you are 35, your life stretches endlessly ahead of you. You are in the midst of child rearing and career building. Over the next 15 years, paying off your home, educating your children and consolidating your career are the main areas… Read more »